The Pronoun Story Chart

portion of pronoun chart

portion of Pronoun Story Chart

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The Pronoun Story Charts consist of six 5 1/2" by 17" two-sided colorful pieces that cue dialogues or mini-acts covering:

  • present/past tense--be, do, have, and present regular; contractions; and
  • pronouns and possessive adjectives.

Displaying from one to six pieces at a time allows adjustment to class level and expansion as class skills grow.

The chart permits a rapid oral or written warm-up lesson as well as a permanent display that students can refer to on need. Included are instructions for 100 minute-long exercises. Packing all the basics into an ever available visual lesson and display, this “whole grammar” design saves class time for meaning-based activities.

Pictured here is the display for a mini-act (or writing warm-up) that begins with... “I have my book with me” ...and continues through seven subjects (you, he, she, etc.). The chart is also designed for easy testing.